Top 7 Things To Do this Weekend (while at home) in Santa Barbara

With the COvid Situation that we are facing, we have come up with a list of things that you can still do with the whole family while having fun at home.

1.  Indoor Picnic

What you will need: A blanket,  A basket of goodies and Your choice of refreshment

Where: Living room, at the porch or in the backyard.

Take out those beautiful blankets out of the closet and lay it up in the living room or at the backyard for an awesome afternoon of a Picnic.  Share fun stories while munching on a homemade sandwich and a refreshing juice that comes with it.

2. Costume Party

What you will need:  Your last year's halloween costumes or any other costume that you've been hiding in the closet 

Where: In the Living Room or at the Attic

Come out of your bedroom and be a tiger, an easter bunny or your favorite superhero. No one's too old for a costume party!

3.  Arts and Crafts

What you will need:  Plenty of Paper or Canvass if available, Paints, Colors, Scissors and decorating stuffs.

Where: In the bedroom or at the Porch (for a great view)

It's high time to let your paints and colors express the inner you. You can find a lot of inspiration in the still morning, the gloomy afternoon or the glowing night straight from the window of your bedroom or by the Porch.  

4. Movie Marathon  

What you will need: Netflix, Old dvds, A bowl of popcorn and unlimited Soda

Where: In your favorite couch

 Have you been missing out on the prequels and series of your favorite movies? Worry no more, we've got plenty of time now to watch these movies with the whole family. 

5. Cooking Show at Home

What  you will need: Recipe of your choice, Your kids as your audience or your Husband

Where: In the Kitchen or In the Backyard

Don't let the Virus put a halt on your cooking skills, it is actually the best time to sharpen it more! You can even try out different dishes too and make sure that you interact with your audiences like let them ask questions and let them taste the delicious dish after you cook it.

6. Learn Yoga

    What you will need: A mat and a soothing music in the background

Where: Living room, in the bedroom or at your garden. 

 Experience the incredible and relaxing result of doing some yoga. You can even teach your young ones and let them join you too! In this trying time, we all need a peace of mind and a relax and calm body. 

7.  Charades

                                   What you will need: A list of words that you wish to use and a bucket to put it into.

Where: In the living room or at the backyard

Enhance your vocabulary while having fun! You can use a set of vocabulary words when playing. In that way, you are already enjoying while learning at the same time.

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