Things that You Can Do At Home

01  Virtually Visit the Louvre

Bring Paris to you. Always wanted to go to the world renowned Louvre? Are you an art lover? The Louvre offers free virtual tours online and you can find them here:

02 Go for A Walk

Walking is an underrated exercise, but it is a highly effective physical activity,  and maybe as good a workout as running. Apart from being a lower impact exercise, it can be done for longer periods of time compared to running.

03 Dance Your Heart Out

If you like moving to the beat, dancing is a fun and entertaining way to burn calories and get your heart rate going. YouTube is a great resource for all kinds of free dance lessons. Put on your workout clothes, turn up the volume, and turn your living room into a dance studio.

04 Plan Your Dream Vacation  

What is the place you've always wanted to go, the ultimate destination? Well now is the time to do all the research for your next dream vacation. Find the best attractions, restaurants, museums, and lesser known local spots. A great trip is well planned, and when this all clears, you will be ready!


05 Video Conference 

 Now more than ever we are craving connection with others, and fortunate for us there are many ways to stay connected. If you are looking for some face to face interaction with family and friends try a Zoom call. Zoom is a video conferencing website that allows multiple people to video conference at once for free.

Visit the Zoo Online

The San Diego Zoo provides live cams of many of their animals such as elephants, Koalas, Polar Bears, Apes, Giraffes, and many more. This website has many education videos and activities for kids, such as downloading animal coloring pages. Click here for more info:

Visit the Art Institute of Chicago

Admire 1000's of artworks, writings and additional resources featured from the Art Institute of Chicago through a virtual tour. Scroll through the different collections and learn about the artists, methods, and history behind the art. 

Indoor Picnic

Take those beautiful blankets out of the closet and lay them down in the living room or in the backyard for an awesome afternoon of picnicking. Share fun stories while enjoying a homemade lunch. If you have a lemon or orange tree, try making some fresh lemonade or orange juice! 

09 Costume Party

Dig out the costume box and have a dress up day! Be a tiger, an easter bunny or your favorite superhero. No one's too old for a costume party! Perhaps prepare for this coming Halloween and make the costume you've always wanted, but never had the time. 

10 Arts and Crafts

It's high time to let your paints and colors express the inner you. You can find a lot of inspiration in the still morning, the gloomy afternoon or the glowing night, straight from the window of your bedroom or by the porch. Time to discover your inner Artist. If you are more of a paint by numbers kind of person here is a link to some fun downloadable adult coloring pages.  

11 Movie Marathon

Have you been missing out on the prequels and series of your favorite movies? Worry no more, we've got plenty of time now to watch these movies with the whole family. Here is a link to the top 33 trilogies.

12 Create the Ultimate Playlist

Dreaming of the next time you can entertain family and friends?  We are too! Create the ultimate playlist to feature at your next big get together. It's often nostalgic and will take you down memory lane, while you sort through your old tunes. You can even share your playlist with your friends and family after you are done. 

13 Learn Yoga

Experience the incredible and relaxing result of doing some yoga. You can even teach your young ones and let them join you too! In this trying time, we all need a peace of mind and a relax and calm body. Visit Do Yoga With Me for their offer of two free months during quarantine. 

14 Sew a Face Mask and Donate

Are you looking to help out and know how to sew? Sew some face masks and donate to a hospital or a facility nearby. Watch this video for a step by step tutorial.

15 Board Game Tournament 

Go ahead and set up a tournament  for everyone! Place different board games at every corner of your home and let everyone compete with one another. Just like any other tournament, winners will advance to the next level and whoever beats everyone, wins! 

16 Bake a Cake

Satisfy your sweet cravings with a homemade cake! Everyone can bake a cake and you can too. Watch a tutorial on YouTube if you need some direction or inspiration, but always bake from the heart. Share your labor of love with the whole family. 

17 Afternoon Tea

Celebrate your everyday accomplishments, maybe it's learning how to cook, to ride a bike, or finally finishing that book, with a cup of your favorite tea. If you are home with family,  make it a family tea party! Tea is proven to be a very healthy and beneficial drink, it’s about time to try it out. 

18 Raised-Bed Gardening

Been thinking of what to do with the excess hardwoods from last year's home renovation? Plant a raised bed garden! This will eventually provide you homegrown vegetables plus its best done during spring time. Here's a simple guide: 

19 Leaf Craft for Kids

While letting the kids do the chore of sweeping up the leaves in the garden, you can actually add some fun into it. Let them pick their favorite leaf, have them trace, color, or use it as a stamp, and let them make some great artwork!

20 Organize

We know you've been procrastinating sorting that closet,  junk drawer, or dare we say garage. Now is the time to declutter, spring clean, and get your label maker out. Organizing will give you a sense of control and peace. In times like these we could use that. If you need tips visit Marie Kondo's website.

21 Scavenger Hunt

This is a perfect bonding activity especially for families with young active kids. Choose a theme such as shapes, numbers, and colors to make this fun event educational as well. Here is a link of clues to help put your scavenger hunt together.

22 Spa Day at Home

Light some candles, put on a comfy robe, and treat yourself to a spa day.  Give yourself a manicure and pedicure, put on a face mask, draw a bath, and practice some self love. Take this time to reset and rejuvenate. 

23 Do a Puzzle 

Dust off those puzzles and get to problem solving. This is a great activity to enjoy while keeping your mind sharp. Great to complete with the family, or tackle by your lonesome with a glass of wine. 

24 Photoshoot 

Capture every exciting moment you are able to spend with the whole family in this rare opportunity. Use this time to slow down and make memories. Try your hand at this years holiday card or make a photo college of your loved ones. Your phone will do, but nothing beats the classic DSLR you might have.

25 Visit The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium by tuning into their live webcams to see jellyfish, sharks, otters, penguins, coral reefs, birds, and lots more.

26 Write a Letter

Being away from your friends, and other family members for a period of time will surely make you miss them. Write about those fun activities that you've been wanting to share with them and tuck it in a jar. Don't forget to deliver it personally to them once the coast is clear.

27 Re-invent Your Space

Now is the best time to breathe new life into your home. Play with moving the furniture around, change the orientation of your dining table or shift the wall your bed is on. This will make your space feel new and interesting. Don't forget to do a little Spring cleaning while you move things around. Read this article if you are looking for tips on how to make your home a work friendly environment.  

28 Make Your Own Recipe

You can surely do some experimentation by infusing new ingredients into old recipes, or trying something you've never made before. Ask friends and family to send you a new recipe and put your own spin on things. Embrace your creativity with your dishes and hone your cooking skills even more!

29 Create a Face Mask

The internet is full of  DIY face mask recipes and if you're like us, you've always wanted to try one. Full of organic ingredients, you have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you are putting on your face. Find the one you like best by making a different one for each family member.

30 Read a Book

There surely are a lot of downloadable stories you can access online, but trust me, nothing beats holding and reading a thick book while you're on the porch, in your bedroom, or in the garden.

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